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  Tattooing is a great passion for Rich.  He has been drawing his whole life...and putting his drawings on human canvasses for over 19 years.  Starting out at Prairie Tattoo and later opening up Peace Of Art Tattoo over 10 years ago. 

  Throughout the last ten years Peace Of Art has been the starting point for many very gifted artists.  Rich has apprenticed several local artists and has welcomed various other talented artists as part of the staff at Peace Of Art. 

 Attention to detail in every drawing and tattoo is the key to his success, Rich also develops relationships with his clients to better understand their choices in body art.

  Every tattoo is applied with the highest standard of cleanliness...following strick guidelines from his bloodborne pathogens training you can be assured you are getting a clean and safe tattoo at Peace Of Art.

  They say if you add to the types of art media  as an artist... you will grow and strengthen your artwork.   Many tattoo artists paint...even adapting their painting styles into their tattooing.  Some of the talented artist that have worked at Peace Of Art Tattoo through the years have motivated Rich to take up the brush and embark on the journey of painting...

  Mostly acrylic paints for now, Rich has developed a knack for painting biomechanical and floral mixtures...only the start of where this artform will take his career.  Prints will be sold at the art studio for them as they are posted...

Stained Glass

Ahhh...stained glass...what can you say?

Once thought of as an expensive hobby, Rich has desired for years to try his hand at this artform.  Going back to his training at needle-making...becoming a soldering 'master'...along with the mechanical mind and his attention to detail, it was just a matter of time...and of course the purchasing of the tools, that Rich needed to take on the age old cutting and shaping of glass to create the beautiful art of stained glass. 

  Since this is a recent addition to his art, Rich continues to learn and apply his skills as an artist to develop in his stained glass... hoping to add to a collection of fine art for purchase at Peace Of Art...


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